Flight Nomex Gloves

  • This glove is sold in two version: Nomex (DuPont) flash flame resistant (Colors Black, OD and Tan). Second is MultiCam camouflage with waterproof properties and NanoSphere water repellant coating. Brand is Hank’s Surplus. Both glove versions consist of soft and durable sheep skin leather palm and thumb area. Elastic wrist area. Gloves provides comfortable snug fit. Nomex material is not fire proof, it is only flash flame resistant. Nomex fabric is designed not to melt under flash fire exposure. Do not use these gloves as oven mitts or direct contact with hot surfaces. Please note the MultiCam camouflage fabric is not fire resistant. The Multicam fabric is breathable, 93% Nylon/7% Spandex. Gloves are not 100% waterproof, just the multicam fabric has the waterproof properties, palm side is sheep skin. Short sizing will cover wrist area. Long sizing will come up to forearm. General Glove Sizing Chart: Small (7), Medium (8), Large (9-9.5), X-Large (10-10.5), XXL (11).
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